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Golf Push Cart – Effective Things to Do With Little Time

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Many golfers are frustrated with not having the time to pursue golf to the extend they would like to. They barely manage to play about three times a year and hit the range an equal number of times although they would like to do more. If you have the same problem I want to give you some ideas how you can enjoy golf and maybe play more often even with little time at hand.

First of all it is okay if you are really busy. Golf should be enjoyed and you shouldn’t feel stressed out because you don’t have the time. I think to enjoy golf with little time comes down to managing your available time. It is nothing revolutionary that you can play less than eighteen holes. If you want to play and have little time at hand don’t be too proud to play only six or nine holes. Most golf courses even feature shorter courses for you to enjoy. Take advantage of that.

Next take a look at where you could save some time. Do you even know where the nearest golf course from your home is? Is it possible to store your equipment in storage at your club? How do you prepare at home for a round of golf push cart reviews? You can safe a lot of time if you plan ahead.

Playing Golf Without Playing Golf

It is no secret that most golfers weekend warrior or not don’t practice enough. Every teaching professional will tell you so. If you don’t have the time to play as often as you want you probably have the time to practice more often. The key is deliberate practice. Beating balls for a couple of minutes won’t help you much and will bore you sooner or later. If you keep practicing and improving throughout the year you will enjoy the times you actually have the time to play much more. So here are some tips how to make your practice sessions effective and fun.

First I recommend you find a teaching professional you like and take some lessons. You don’t have to spend a fortune just take a lesson every couple of weeks to keep you on track. The good thing about this is that you have something to look forward to and that you will probably stay committed because you interact with another person who knows what he’s doing.

Ask your teaching professional for specific things you can do at home until you meet again. With a specific plan in mind you will be surprised how much you can actually improve with even little time at hand. Next I recommend to plan a couple of short practice sessions at home and on the range. Set the time aside and put it into your calendar. Maybe just before you start to work to get you moving in the morning. With this plan you can achieve a lot with just a couple of hours per month. And you will feel like you are playing good golf without actually playing that much.

When You Are In a Hurry

You probably were in the situation yourself a couple of times. Just arriving a couple of minutes before your tee time you rush from the parking lot to the course. What is the best way to prepare for a round that is just five minutes away? I recommend the following. First of all don’t rush it. Calm down and use the time you have. Get to the range and do a couple of stretches. Take two clubs (e.g. a five and a six iron) and swing them like a weighted club to get a feel for the swing. Then hit a couple of shots with your wedges and your driver to loosen up more and get a feel for impact. If you still have some time left putt some 15- to 20-footers before you stroll to the tee.

With this short routine you will know what impact feels like once you arrive there. If it seems to much for you and stresses you out simply focus on the stretches and swinging the two clubs. These two things will do the most good to get your body moving.

Keeping Golf On Your Mind

Take a couple of minutes to follow what your favorite players are doing when you are in break time. If you are into twitter or facebook maybe follow or like them. I think Orlimar golf push cart is a lot more fun when you have someone you root for even if you don’t have the time to play that much yourself. Most of all have fun with the time you put into golf.

A little planning goes a long way when you have little time at hand. Sure you have to put in the extra effort to get the most out of every hour. But maybe you enjoy the game even more this way than people who are spending the entire day on the course.

Golf Push Cart – Your Left Side Versus Your Right Side

A topic that is being discussed regularly in golf literature is the use of the hands during impact. You can find all kinds of suggestions. One side advocates to leave the hands passive. They say the hands have to stay passive because everything is happening so fast that a proper conscious use of the hands during impact is not even possible. The other side says that active hands play a significant role in developing clubhead speed. Only with their support it would even be possible to whip through the ball. But there is more controversies.

It is being taught to use just the right hand, just the left hand or both hands equally. You can also read that a conscious use of the wrists is desirable for acquiring distance but a one sided look on things. A higher clubhead speed is only useful if the timing of each part of the swing and the accuracy are not getting any worse. You probably heard about the release of your hands during impact. If you let your hands roll through the shot correctly you should be able to pour a glass of water over your left shoulder with your right hand once you reach your finish. Try this swing thought for a couple of shots and see if you get a better feel for the roll of your hands.

The correct motion of the hands is being supported by the help of the forearms. You can try to actively turn your right forearm onto the left forearm. Most likely your arms will not touch but the motion can help you to master the roll of your hands. If you want to shape your shots you also need to understand the relation of the turn of your left forearm and the clubface. If you want to hit a draw you should turn your left forearm actively throughout your swing. This should promote a closing clubface during impact which leads to a ball spinning from right to left. If you want to shoot a fade you should do the opposite and restrain turning your left forearm. In the end its an interesting challenge to find out which role the hands actually play in your golf swing. You may even be able to control the uncocking of your left wrist during the release.

Let me give you a suggestion for your next training session. Try to lead your whole swing with your left arm and hand. Hold your club tight with your left hand at address and keep your right hand loose. Then swing back using mainly your left arm. During the downswing your left arm should be the dominating part too. Just focus on the uncocking motion of your left wrist and the roll of your left forearm. If you practice this for a while you will notice how you will be able to draw the ball, swing smoother and more elegant and hitting more solid. You will also feel how your right hand ads power to your swing in the last moment although you didn’t plan to do so consciously. You will finish your swing elegantly. Just try it!

In the end no teaching pro, book or golf tip can make you a better player if you don’t practice. You have to put in your own effort to achieve anything at all. It does not matter if you practice in front of a mirror with a video camera or a teaching pro as long as you are focusing on one thing you want to accomplish at a time. Harvey Pennick, the legendary Bag Boy golf push cart, suggests to practice each move in slow motion at the beginning of the learning process. Each move again and again. How far can I turn my shoulders? What do my arms do during the swing? What do my hips do? Do each single motion at least four times before your move to the next one. Never get impatient with your practice. Slow and steady is the key to success.

I am convinced that slow and methodical practice sessions without any golf balls are usually a lot more productive than beating balls from dusk till dawn. Moreover you can actually work on your swing whenever and wherever you want. Whether you are in the office, on the beach or somewhere else does not matter. You can take this mindset even one step further. You can actually work on your swing without moving at all sitting on a bench in a park or waiting for the bus. All you need to do is to form a vivid picture of your own swing in your mind feeling what your body is doing. This thought process will train your mind and make it easier for you to be prepared for your real pressure situations. Most importantly you are protecting yourself from forgetting. Simply by imagining your swing once in a while you will reduce the parts you have to relearn by a significant amount.

But in the end you have to connect all the parts to a complete golf swing. Nobody can hit golf balls by just moving his hips. Try the following exercise. First pick a target. You should never practice without aiming at a specific target. After you did your warmup and accustomed your muscles to the golf swing you begin following a plan you decided upon beforehand. First you hit five golf balls smooth and slow with a full swing from A to Z. Then you hit five balls focusing on your head. Then you hit another five balls focusing on your shoulders etc. You do this until you moved through all important checkpoints you want to work on. You should also incorporate the correct aiming and alignment procedure into your practice session. Go through your complete pre shot routine with every of your five shots. With slow and methodical practice sessions like this you can not do much else but improve.

See more at: http://golfpushcartguides.com/

Golf Pust Cart – How to Analyse Your Own Golf Swing Effectively

We live in great times if you want to learn to play good golf. Never before was it easier to access the accumulated knowledge of the modern golf swing and to connect with people who know their stuff. The internet and modern technology makes it possible to see and analyze swings of professional players anytime from anywhere, even right on the golf course. When in the old days you had to go to a tournament or caddy for a pro to see him play first hand you can now watch his swing all day long and even in slow motion if you want to. A couple of years ago you had to spend a small fortune for a decent camera. Today even cellphones can be used to capture and analyze your own swing.

There are three steps to the process. First you have to record your own swing in a way that makes it possible to analyze it optimally. Secondly you compare your own swing with a model swing. Finally you make the necessary adjustments in your own technique to adapt your own swing to your model swing.

Step One: Recording Your Own Swing

Before you can start recording your own swing you need some equipment. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a fortune these days to get a decent camera that delivers professional results. Optimally you want to use a high speed camera that is able to shoot movies with at least 120 to 240 fps (frames per second). An example would be the Casio EX-FH100. Technology is moving fast. Just ask your local retailer. He can probably help you out if you tell him what you want to do. You can also look for used older models on eBay if you want to save some money. Secondly you need a camera tripod. A cheap one will do the job just wonderful. You just want to setup your camera and film your swing. No need to getting fancy here.

Once you have your equipment you want to film your swing face on and sideways. Position the camera parallel to your target line in the height of your hands. Zoom in as much as possible so you can see your full body. Pick a shutter speed of 1/1000th second to avoid any blurring. Capture your swing while you are actually hitting balls. Practice swings or hitting balls into a net will not give you the same best golf push cart on the range will do.

Step Two: Comparing and Analysing Your Swing

If you captured your swing like described above you can already see a lot in a regular video player or right on the camera display with the build in playback option. If you want to take you analysis one step further I recommend you use software for motion analysis. I personally use V1 Home 2.0. It is old software but it does the job very well. There is also a version for the iPhone and Android Smartphones. The software is pretty self-explanatory. (I bought the software some time ago and used the coupon code “VSWING” to buy it for 19$. I don’t know if it is still active.) It allows you to draw lines and shapes on top of the video and compare two videos side by side. You can also find more information on how to set up your camera and more in their support section http://v1sports.desk.com/. There is other software which does basically the same thing. You might want to take a look at www.gaspsystems.com or search the internet for “golf swing analysis software” on your own.

What you want to do is to load your own swing on one side and the recording of a professional player you want to model on the other side. There is a library of pre-recorded swings build into the software but you can also use new videos from YouTube etc.

Step Three: Adjusting Your Swing

After you have taken a closer look at your own swing you will probably be surprised how different your own swing looks from the way it feels. If you want to build your swing by modeling the swing of a professional player a good place to start is the address position. It is the easiest part of the whole golf swing to get right yet many golfers want to skip it and jump right into the details. Take a look how you position your hands, how much you flex your knees and tilt your upper body. Compare the position of your head and the angle of the club shaft. With a little time and effort you can copy any address position. And even if you may not play better immediately you look good at least.

Next take a look at the takeaway especially where the clubshaft and the clubhead are going. These positions are still fairly easy to get right. Then it is getting more complicated with the backswing. But if you take a closer look at your hands and your hip and shoulder turn you should be good to go.

This method of filming my own swing and comparing it to swings of professional players helped me a lot to understand the Clicgear golf push cart. At first it may seem like a lot of work. But once you have done it a couple of times it can actually be a lot of fun.

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